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The old fashioned way: edit maps with graphics program


If you have ever created a sketch based on google maps, you know this procedure: Call up map, create screen shot, import into graphics program and then edit with it and finally save as JPG. This works, but brings many problems with it:

  • time consuming
  • not very comfortable
  • no updating of the map material
  • Modification of the sketch is not possible
  • no determination of areas, circumcircles or lengths
  • Sharing of maps only possible as file
  • common changing of maps by colleagues, customers or friends is rather difficult

The miamapo way: create and share maps online


With the comfortable map editor you can create sketches based on Google Maps in no time. Numerous tools and functions are available in the editor for this purpose.

miamapo helps you to determine dimensions (areas, perimeters, lengths). The map material is always up to date and via link you can invite customers, colleagues or friends to work with you on the map or just share the map for display.

No software is required, the map editor works in any browser. Your maps are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

miamapo helps you to digitize your maps and saves a lot of time and money. Maps can be easily shared with others via link.


Try now

There are numerous application examples

Here is a small excerpt:

Operation plans for green maintenance

lawns, paved areas, hedges, flower beds

Operation plans for winter service

areas for large equipment, small equipment and hand cleaning

Mass determination

area, outline, length, cubic meters for lawns, parking lots, hedges, flower beds, edging stones, excavated soil

Planning of construction site equipment

cranes, toilets, building material storage, mixing machines, construction site silos, scaffolding, container storage areas

Traffic control

No-parking zones, parking spaces, one-way streets, no-entry zones, diversions, prescribed direction of travel

Storage areas and building material logistics

storage of excavated soil, construction roads, unloading points, storage points

Automower / robotic lawnmower installations

Lawns, paved areas, hedges, flower beds

Work and operation orders

map sketches as annex to the order

Directions sketches

construction sites, new construction areas, events

Planning of manhole works

laying of sewage pipes, drainage, cables


Parking spaces, parking lots, reception, swimming area, sanitary facilities, sports area, dining area, fishing area, playgrounds, power connections, water supply points

Events / festivals

stage planning, access routes, escape routes, tent sites, parking areas, toilets, catering, merchandising, sales stands, beverage and food, escape plans


cable routes, pipelines, laying plans

Irrigation system planning

Lawns, paved areas, hedges, flower beds